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Moving house in winter - advice
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House removals in winter

Moving home at any time of year can be stressful, but winter adds some additional challenges to your move. However, with a bit of preparation and planning, it doesn't have to be any more difficult than a move at any other time of the year!

We have a few tips and some advice to help your winter removal go smoothly.

  1. Have supplies ready

  2. Moving during the winter months means a bit more preparation and supplies you'll need to have before moving day. British winters don't usually mean there's snow - but it can and does happen, so it is best to be prepared!

  3. Before moving day, make sure you have ice melt and a shovel or broom to clear away any snow that may fall

  4. If you live on a non-public road, find out what provisions you may need to make for snow or ice removal to ensure your removal lorry can get down the road safely

  5. Let your neighbours (both your current neighbours and your new neighbours) know your schedule, so they can be aware and move their cars before your removal takes place should conditions be poor

  6. Don't move in the dark!

    Lightbulbs and lamps - will your new home have lighting? During the winter months, there are only a few hours of brighter daylight available, and moving in the dark isn't safe for anyone. Make sure you're covered by bringing light bulbs (find out what type you need in advance, if you can, otherwise bring a variety of fittings, types, and wattages) - if the celiing light fixtures are being taken by the previous resident of your new home, be sure to bring floor or table lamps or utility lighting for every room in the house

  7. Talk to your removal company

  8. Make sure your removal company uses floor coverings at both your old and new home - even if it is just raining

  9. Ask your removal company about their provisions for inclement weather, and confirm your move with them the day before it is scheduled (even if the weather is clear!)

  10. Warm up

  11. You may want to arrange with both your current home's new residents and your new home's residents to leave heating on low - just make sure you take your meter readings when you leave and arrive!

  12. Don't pack your hats, scarves, coats and gloves - with the doors open at both your old and new home, it will get cold and you'll appreciate being able to wrap up

  13. Dress in easily-removable layers, so as you move around you can easily take a layer off but still remain warm

  14. Make sure the kettle is easily accessible - a nice warm drink and mug to hold will help you warm up on a cold moving day

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