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Hints for using a comparison site for removals

Comparison sites are everywhere. We're used to using them to switch our energy supplier, check on better rates for our home, car, and pet insurance, find a better mortgage, loan, or credit card

Comparing prices for products like these offered via comparison sites is relatively straightforward. You tell them what you're looking for, answer some questions or make selections on must-haves for the product, and you're presented with a chart allowing you to compare like-for-like among the companies on offer

Price comparison sites for removals are different

When you use a price comparison site for removals, your experience is different. You provide the comparison site with some very basic information about your move and you're given the names of various removal companies (usually 3 or 4) and an indicative price for your removal. You often don't know what's included in that price (packing materials, insurance, waiting time, etc) until you've spoken with the removal company. Also, the price isn't binding - a removal company should be, at a minimum, asking you a lot of questions about how much you're moving, what you're moving, etc - and only once they know the full scope of your move can they give you a full and binding quote for your removal

On the face of it, removals can appear to be an unskilled job. The reality is quite the opposite. Yes, the men are moving heavy pieces of furniture and boxes, but if you've ever moved yourself, you know how easy it is to damage something by carrying it the wrong way - from scraping your floor or walls, to dropping and breaking what you're carrying. Then there's loading the truck - the men often describe it as being a bit of a game of Tetris as you need to think ahead, plan out how to best fit everything in, and then do so in a way that leaves no gaps and is a tight fit so nothing bounces around in the back of the lorry. Our men undergo a considerable amount of training throughout their careers to ensure their skills are up to best practice, and the latest and best techniques are used

Hints for using a comparison site for a removal quote

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