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Questions to ask your removal company
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Questions to ask your removal company

Moving home is generally one of those things many of us only do a few times in life. Because it is a service you don't use frequently, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin - or how to compare your options when it comes to moving home. As you're choosing your removal company, keep these questions in mind to help ensure you pick the right mover for your house move.

Why is a home removal survey important?

Communication with the reomval company is key, and they should explain to you what will happen during the survey and what you can expect.

Simply put, an in-person survey before your move helps to eliminate surprises on moving day. It shouldn't be a hard sell - the point of the survey is to ensure your quote is as accurate as possible.

Will someone come to my house to perform a removal survey?

The only way to accurately estimate the cost of your move is to see everything you're moving to ensure the right truck and number of men are allocated for your move. Equally important is taking a look at the access to your home, and any issues the removal company may encounter inside, such as a tight staircase or a loft without good access. They should also take the time to learn more about your concerns with the move, and to make a note of anything which needs extra care during the move.

Pro Tip

Make sure that everyone (partner/spouse/housemate/etc) agrees on what's needed (assembly/disassembly, packing service, unpacking service, etc) - an accurate quote can only be given when the removal company knows exactly what you require. Be sure to tell every removal company who is quoting for your move the same requirements as this helps you compare like-for-like with removal quotes

What am I paying for?

This may sound a bit silly at first - but some companies will charge extra for things and some include the cost of this in their quote. Make sure you understand exactly what you're being quoted for, and how much things not included in the quote will cost. Examples can include the cost of boxes and packing materials, dismantling or reassembling furniture, insurance, etc.

What sort of vehicles do you use?

You want to make sure they've got the right size vehicles for your move. If you've got a large three bedroom house, a small Luton van isn't going to be enough to move everything in one go. However, if your home is on a tight road that a large truck can't get down or access is otherwise restricted, the removal company may need to bring a smaller vehicle to shuttle your belongings to their removal lorry nearby.

Having the right size vehicles for your move keeps the removal from taking much longer than it needs to.

Do you provide removal boxes, furniture coverings, etc?

Make sure you know if you need to supply your own removal boxes, or if the company will supply them for you (also make sure you know if the boxes are included in your quote, or if you need to pay for them separately). Will they provide wardrobe cartons, blankets, mattress protection, and other protective materials (such as television bags) on moving day for your belongings? How your belongings are protected during your move is critical to their safe arrival at your new home.

How long have you been in business?

Ask the company you're speaking to how long they've been in business. Also ask the surveyor who comes to your home how long they've been in the removals industry.

What is your street address and landline number?

Sadly, far too many cowboy removal companies operate without an address (or use a post office box or virtual office) or a landline number. Be sure to verify the information they provide, and check them out on Google Street View (keep in mind that private roads - including some industrial estates - won't be on Street View, but you can use the satelite view to get an idea of the address you're given).

Does your quote include insurance?

Nobody likes when accidents happen or things go wrong, but they can occasionally happen during a removal. Find out what insurance the company offers, how much it costs and what it covers. You may also be able to use your contents or house insurance, but make sure to verify this with your insurance company before the move - and keep in mind that if you need to claim against your own insurance, your future premiums may rise.

Do you offer insurance for delays and cancellations?

Most removal companies will have a sliding scale of how much you'll need to pay if you cancel your booked removal, depending on how close to moving day the cancellation happens. Chains sometimes fall through, completion can delayed or changed, or you don't get your keys on time on completion day. Ask about insurance for cancellations, changing the date of your removal, or a delay in receiving your keys on moving day.

Do you provide specialist packing and protection?

Nobody wants to see their pride and joy damaged during the move, including a reputable removal company. As them what protection they provide for your furniture, television, etc.

What's included in their packing service, and what's the benefit of it?

Find out what sort of materials they use to pack, and if their removal men undergo any specialist training to ensure they're packing your household safely and carefully. Also ask about their unpacking service and what that includes. Be sure to ask about the costs of each, as they're normally not included together.

What can't you move?

Generally, anything inflammable can't be moved by a removals company. That includes petrol lawnmowers where the fuel hasn't been drained, paraffin heaters, etc. Paint is also usually restricted.

Do you disconnect and reconnect appliances?

Most removal companies require appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to be disconnected and drained prior to being moved. Check what their policy is and if they offer this service.

How can I pay for my removal?

Rogue removal companies usually require cash only. Most reputable removal companies allow customers to pay by debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Most reputable companies require payment up front.

Are you a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR)?

The BAR is a strong trade association for the removals industry and has strict criteria for membership. Should something go wrong with your removal, or the company cannot complete the removal you've booked, the BAR will step in and help you get moved.

Do you offer storage?

Even if you think you don't need storage for your move, ask if they offer it. You never know what will happen with your removal - you may need to store your belongings for a few days if something goes wrong with your completion or rental contract signing, or your circumstances may change and storage is needed.

How are your removal crews trained?

Removals seem like a straightforward thing, but it is a complex process to ensure everything is packed well, the vans are packed correctly and everything arrives in good order at your new home. Ask what sort of training they provide for their crews and if it is ongoing.

How may we help with your home move?

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